Sunday Smiling

Today has been a good day. As always, when derby day arrives, I awoke with a feeling of excitement mixed with nerves. Hopeful that today Sunderland would pick up their first three points of the season. Hopeful that Sunderland would achieve an unimaginable six wins in a row against their biggest rivals, Newcastle. I used to have a season ticket with my dad. However, after Monica’s arrival I decided to give it up. I figured I wouldn’t have much time on my hands with two small children to amuse but hope, one-day, that we will all go to the match as a family. Paul has a season ticket alongside his dad and they are die-hard fans who will go to the match no matter what. From leaving our house Paul can be sat in his seat within five minutes, though usually a stop off at The Wheatsheaf somewhat lengthens the journey. Today was slightly different due to the midday kick off, so Paul headed directly for The Stadium of Light to take up his place alongside another 45,000 nervous, apprehensive and hopeful fans. His parting shot was, “surely something good has to happen soon”, in reference to his recent redundancy. He was not to be disappointed! Cue goals by Johnson, Jones and Fletcher, the win was secured and Paul arrived home smiling.
The rivalry between Newcastle and Sunderland is legendary. In the past there have been violent scenes which have marred a truly magnificent sporting event. In recent seasons,however, the animosity between fans has dissipated slightly particularly since the deaths of the two Newcastle fans, Liam Sweeney and John Alder, on board flight MH17. No genuine Sunderland fan would wish harm on any Newcastle fan. We are all just passionate, enthusiastic Northerners proud of our heritage. All that aside I’m convinced there’s no better feeling than getting one over your rivals!
When Paul arrived home, in buoyant mood, we packed the car and headed for Lowther Park, Penrith. We are so ready for a few days away, just the four of us. The pressure of the last four weeks has built up and we just need a little bit of peace and quiet. Our friends, Rachel and George, kindly offered us the use of their lodge and we jumped at the chance. Despite a stop start journey we are here now, onesies on and red wine uncorked!
All in all it’s been a grand day and better still no work tomorrow, just some relaxing, family time. Today has been a good day.

Sunday Smiling

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