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Sunday Smiling

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  1. I just read the story on the The New Statesman about the situation, as far as I am concerned it is a world wide economic attack on the west ( I live in Canada) the same things are and have been happening here as well. Ontario is a disaster zone it used to be the heartland of manufacturing of Canada. Alberta has been stopped in it’s development of the Oil fields putting thousands out of work and on the dole. Now Canada has socialist as a Prime Minister and it looks like the country will go on the Gov’s tit and nothing gets done. I never in my life thought ( been self employed for most of my life) that I would see the Labour’s point of view but this is sickening.How the heck are you guys going to built ships with contaminated steel IF the Chinese will sell it to the Brits? . Your government is corrupt and not only the conservatives but Labour as well! I wish you guys well (BTW I still love the BPL but even there the quality is suffering from the foreign owner ships.)

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Our government don’t seem to care about what happens up here in the North East of England. We’ve been through it before when the shipyards and mines were closed under Margaret Thatcher. We just need Paul to get a job, having two small children it is imperative he finds work soon. His morale is low but hopefully we won’t be down for long. Thanks again.


      1. Thanks Anna for the response . We feel bloody hopeless at times as well.
        Like you and your husband, just when things are getting to the point you can plot your own and your kids lives, there is some guy ( that doesn’t have to worry about HIS pay cheque) that blows it,
        The damn thing is we vote for these people and the minute they get to London/Ottawa/Washington, it seems the rarefied air in those towns empties their brains.
        Try to get a hold of them 24 hrs after they get elected and their front office puts up a wall thicker and longer than the one in China. To be frank in a way I and my wife got “lucky”. I got injured before the collapse and have a bit of coverage and the family is OK but a hair width’s (one month) difference and it would have been a lot worse, injured/no job/ no insurance etc ( OK I’ll quit whining now)
        I just do not understand the mentality, the lack of loyalty and even more so the lack of morality these elected officials have. How in the heck did they get there in the first place? They sound more and more like Pied Pipers and we are the stupid rats (or children) following them.
        Is history just repeating itself?? As in the downfall of all empires from the Egyptians/Romans/French/Spanish/Dutch? Britain and now the USA???
        PS, I apologize for my poor spelling and written language, ( I am not much on a computer.)

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