Paul’s Progress

Paul is keeping his options open regarding his future employment. At the moment he is applying for jobs that he feels he has the skills and experience for. However, if he doesn’t have success soon he’ll just have to try and pick up work where he can.
Paul is also considering re-training altogether and perhaps carving a future out as a gas engineer. On Tuesday a training provider visited us at home. We expected a quick 20 minute meeting but it lasted for nearly two hours – complete with DVD! Paul would be able to fit training around any other commitments and at the end of two years be a fully qualified gas engineer. The benefits of this is that he would be self-employed. Given the current uncertainty we face, it would actually be quite comforting to know that we would be self sufficient, self reliant and could never be punished for the failure of others again. The downside of re-training is the cost. Paul is now in receipt of £146 per fortnight. The training would cost £35 per week. If this is what he truly wants to do then we will make it happen but if he gets a new job whilst training I’ll be worried that he has taken too much on. It sounds great, fitting training around work but throw in the ups and downs of family life it really isn’t that easy. For the time being we are keeping our options open.
Network Rail have been in touch and informed Paul that he is through to the next stage of application. He now has to pass an online assessment to take him through to the interview stage. The job would involve maintaining the railway lines in the North East and Paul imagines he would enjoy this hands on/outdoors type of work.
D-shift met up in Redcar yesterday for a few (many) drinks. Paul made his way down by train and, after his photoshoot for The Telegraph. he met up with his mates in the pub. Surprisingly they were all in good spirits and just enjoyed each others company for what will probably be the last time. At the moment Paul feels as though he’s on his 18 days off and can’t quite comprehend that he won’t be seeing the lads at work again soon. None of them have secured jobs yet. Billy is through to the next stage of application to be an undertaker. Eddy is considering a career as a driving instructor. Scott’s wife, Kayleigh, returned to work ten days after giving birth to Poppy. Ten days! Unfortunately she had no other option. People are resilient and faced with adversity do what they need to do in order to survive. These men have skills, experience and a strong work ethic. They are going from a job they loved in to the unknown, looking for anything that will bring in money, pay their bills and keep their families afloat. Until they find work they are dependent on their partner’s, which, in itself cannot be easy to accept. I hope Paul can find as much fulfilment in the future as he found working with these men over the last four years.
So it’s the weekend again and this one is going to be just as busy as the rest. My oldest friend, Vicky, gets married tomorrow so we are looking forward to a child-free day, a few drinks, a dance and a chance to enjoy ourselves without thinking about SSI, redundancy and application forms. It’s not so long since Zach’s wedding, yet all of our lives have changed and adjustments are being made. I hope we are not treading the path of uncertainty for too long.

Paul’s Progress

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