Today has been a pretty standard Sunday. It started off, as usual, with a trip to mass at St. Joseph’s, Millfield. I was born and brought up in the parish of St. Joseph’s, as was my mam and hers before that. You could say it’s our home. It’s where we belong. Paul became part of the community not long after we were married and the girls were baptised there soon after their births. We receive great support from the church, our girls are very much loved there and we enjoy meeting up with friends and family thee every week. Usually we go back to my mam’s house after mass, for coffee and a chat, but this week we had Carter’s birthday party to attend. Carter is the son of our friends Helen and Stephen and today he was three. I went to school with Helen and I’m lucky enough to still have a really close group of school friends around me today. Despite all of us having busy lives, with working and children, we try our best to meet up every so often and with ten children between us there’s always a birthday party not too far away. Today was unusual in that all of our husbands were with us. We usually struggle to get together, as couples, because of our men working shifts or working away. Paul wasn’t going to stay at the party (he had Sunday lunch to prepare) but when he saw Stephen, George, Matthew and Kevin he decided to stay for a bit of craic with the lads. They know what it is like to work under the threat of redundancy and are a good source of support to Paul.

My friends are hugely important to me. I’m lucky enough that I have a really strong network of friends from school, university, work and elsewhere. Rachel and George offered us the use of their lodge in the Lake District over the half term holiday today. They don’t know what a gesture like that means to us. Weekends away, day trips out, holidays will have to be put on the back burner for a while and to be offered the chance to escape for a few days, just the four of us, is overwhelming. It’s not the first time they have done this for us and we are truly grateful. The only snag is that it’s derby day when we are going so I hope the journey is a happy one and we are singing, “6 in a row!”. We love the Lake District and the lodge is the perfect place from which to explore and in which we can relax. I can’t wait to get back there. Thank you Rachel and George!

The girls fell asleep on the way home, exhausted by the soft play. Their afternoon nap means they’ll be up later tonight which will hopefully will result in a lie in for Paul in the morning. I’ll be up and out early to commence my working week but before I know it it will be Friday again and it’s only two weeks until half term!

It’s a short one tonight as Paul needs some help with application forms so that’s where I need to be. It’s at times like this when you really do need the support of others and I’m happy and honoured to have such a strong network around us. Thank you everyone.


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