Steel House

This morning Paul traveled down to Redcar to meet up with the lads and attend a meeting held by Job Centre staff. The meeting was to discuss the process of going through redundancy and what steps the ex-steelworkers need to make to get some of what is owed to them. It’s doubtful that the workers will get anything near to what they are owed. Paul expected around two weeks wages for every year he’d worked at SSI. Under statutory redundancy the workers can expect to get only half of what is owed. Paul had committed to several shift swaps so he could attend upcoming events. He’s worked the shifts and had three days owing to him. There’s little that can be done about that now, so he’s worked three days for free. I certainly wouldn’t be happy with that as I’m sure most wouldn’t but there’s little anyone can do and very little advice available. I suppose we could be bitter about the missing pension payments, the wages owed etc but what is the point? It won’t help us get through this situation any easier feeling angry at SSI, the government, the Chinese. We might as well channel our emotions in to something positive such as applying for new jobs and clawing back some self worth.
Writing is helping. I’ve never written more than letters to penpals or the odd essay before. It’s always been at the back of my mind that I might like writing and as it turns out I do! I’m grateful for the response I’ve had and the chance Paul and I have had to tell our story. It’s made us talk to one another about things that matter, it’s made me empathise with others going through the same as us, it’s made me want to learn and understand how these things can happen.
I feel proud of all the steelworker’s fighting – not for their jobs, they are gone – but for the site to be respectfully mothballed in the hope steelmaking will, one day return to Redcar. These are the people to look up to and to thank. I hope their fight won’t be in vain.

Steel House

One thought on “Steel House

  1. Liz Taylor says:

    I was just saying to my daughter that I thought that the redundancy package, would only be a week for every year served. It’s not nearly enough. Here’s hoping your husband has good news from Nissan. X


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