Monday’s are the busiest!

Well how about the power of social media?! I’m quite amazed at the interest my blog has sparked. I started this blog to really try and make sense of what is happening to us and I was reluctant to share it at first. These musings are my own personal thoughts and feelings as well as Paul’s and it feels strange that they have been made public but really wonderful to have received so much love and support over the last 24 hours. I was over the moon to receive a message from a long, lost friend today and then to top it off BBC Radio Tees want to interview me on air in the morning! Madness.

Monday’s, for me, are my busiest day of the week. I’m up and out early to run the breakfast club at school and I’m kept quite busy throughout the day doing teaching assistant type things. A colleague convinced me a few weeks ago to accompany her to Boogie Bounce after work one Monday afternoon. I agreed without really knowing what it entailed. As it turns out it’s an aerobic style class where all the exercise is carried out on your own individual trampoline. This year I’ve been trying hard to lose a bit of weight and get fit and I’ve got to say Boogie Bounce is fitting quite well in to my regime. After this class I head straight off for choir practise. I’ve been singing with my choir for about 6 years. It is definitely true that music is good for the soul. We have a concert coming up so we are in the thick of things right now.

I arrived home after 9pm tonight. Both the girls are in bed (in fact I am too). Paul received his letter from work today to tell him not to come in and that there will be no redundancies paid by the company. He will now have to apply to the government for statutory redundancy. We have no idea how much he is likely to get or when he should expect to receive it. We doubt he will receive any money this month. The letter told him to sign on and get to the Job Centre as soon as possible. This is difficult for Paul to deal with. He’s worked since leaving college and now, aged 35, he is being told to sign on through no fault of his own. He is dreading going to the job centre – anyone who has been in this position will know they are not the best places in which to hang out. Paul is a family man first and foremost and he wants to provide for his family. Standing in the dole queue was never on his agenda. I know Paul will find work soon, but for the time being he needs time to come to terms with what has happened.

Monday’s are the busiest!

One thought on “Monday’s are the busiest!

  1. Jordana Napurano says:

    Thank you for sharing your story! I am a friend of gemmas. You are not alone. Years ago before I had my kids my husband and I both got laid off on the exact same day at two different jobs. It was a very stressful time but we got through it and everything worked itself out. Your writing is very good and I’m sure you are helping many people who are going through the same thing right now. Keep writing and keep singing in the choir. It’s healing. I too sing in a multigenerational choir in Natick and it’s good for the soul!


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